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Re: Firefox 57 Mockups

On Mon Apr 10 2017 17:27:26 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), WaltS48
<thalionusa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Options? Features?
> Anybody want to state the ones that have been added?
> I'll start.
> Private browsing
> The ability to play DRM content
> Tracking Protection
> One-click search engines

Walt, stop being so oblivious.

You know damn good and well we are talking specifically about losing the
ability to customize the UI.

Yes, some of those features sound interesting, and may end up being used
by many or most of us 'complainers', but they have absolutely NOTHING
WHATSOEVER to do with what we're talking about, other than, maybe, just
maybe, some of us will want to customize these new features too, but
won't be able to because 'Mozilla Developers Know Best'.
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