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Re: Firefox 57 Mockups

On Sun, 9 Apr 2017 11:58:32 -0400, in mozilla.general, WaltS48 wrote: 

>Going backwards.
>> Note: The following screens are mockups. This means that they are not set in stone yet, and that looks and functionality may change before things land in Firefox 57.
>I tested Activity Stream as a Test Pilot experiment and didn't like it. 
>I prefer a  blank New Tab page, even though I rarely use it. Looks like 
>it is going to be the new about:home.
>> The main menu mockup shows the new menu structure. Mozilla plans to move away from the current, icon-heavy menu that is quite difficult to navigate and use.
>I find it very easy to navigate and use. The items I use most are on my 
>toolbar and the items I use occasionally are at the top of the Menu 
>Button. Users won't be able to move menu items around anymore.
>Read the article to find out more about compact mode, customize options, 
>new library and sidebars.
>Remember these are mockups and not set in stone. Yet.

Looks workable. It's still change for change's sake, and I don't think
that's the greatest idea, but it looks like something I could live with.

Only complaint is you won't be able to hide Pocket any more.

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