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Re: query re places.sqlite

My bloviated meandering follows what EE graced us with on 4/6/2017 12:03 PM:
Sogn Mill-Scout wrote:
I'm curious about the places.sqlite file that (I believe) stores the bookmarks. Is there an optimum size beyond which it shouldn't be allowed to grow? In other words, can it get bloated to the point of causing problems such as excessive memory usage? I noticed that my places.sqlite file is 215 megabytes. Is that abnormal or anything to be concerned about? Thanks.

It also stores history. If you never clear your browsing history, that could be why it is so large (unless you have thousands of bookmarks).

Interesting. I hadn't known that for certain but suspected as much when I noted my history erased after compacting it. It is also the reason, I suspect, as to why my places.sqlite file isn't growing much since I have changed my preferences to delete history on exit.

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