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chemical weapons

*APN's daily news review from Israel*
Thursday April 6, 2017
*You Must Be Kidding of the day:*
*"It makes me nervous. It's hard for me to believe that such a terrible person in this world could exist who would use a picture of someone who hasn't done anything and would spread it around - and everyone will share it because they think it's their responsibility, without even checking if it's true."* --Ziyad Abu Al-Hawa, 29, a Palestinian from E. Jerusalem who lives and works in Tel-Aviv, said after hediscovered a photo of him in a fake Shin Bet wanted message <imap://gertjan%2Evinkesteijn%40gmail%2Ecom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:993/fetch%3EUID%3E/INBOX%3E28046#ziyad> that said he was a terrorist was shared and seen by thousands.**

*Breaking News:*
*One Israeli soldier Killed in West Bank Car Attack; Palestinian Assailant Arrested*
Second Israeli lightly wounded after Palestinian ploughed into two group of soldiers at junction outside of Ofra settlement. (Haaretz <http://peacenow.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=8dc4822ca41e3938eb4a03c73&id=e52367aba6&e=f02de68997> and Ynet <http://peacenow.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=8dc4822ca41e3938eb4a03c73&id=7ac3bde81c&e=f02de68997>)

*Front Page:*

 * Law passed for harsher punishments
   on construction without permits in Arab communities
 * Alongside the search for the ultimate deal, Trump Administration wants to
   prevent crisis in Gaza
   // Barak Ravid
 * The chemical attack was the beginning of the strategic battle over Idlib
   // Zvi Bar’el

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