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Re: bible text included

*want hij is onze vrede, hij die met zijn dood de twee werelden één heeft gemaakt, de muur van vijandschap ertussen heeft afgebroken en de wet met zijn geboden en voorschriften buiten werking heeft gesteld, om uit die twee in zichzelf één nieuwe mens te scheppen. Zo bracht hij vrede. Ef.2,14-15 (NBV)*

 * ***Palestinian resident of Tel Aviv shocked to discover: "They say I'm a
   terrorist" - *Ziyad Abu al-Hawa, a young Palestinian from E. Jerusalem who
   lives in Tel Aviv, discovered that false messages were distributed with his
   picture claiming that he was a terrorist and that the Shin Bet security
   service was trying to arrest him. Abu Al-Hawa is known for being a promoter
   of co-existence and of gay rights. The group in which the announcement was
   made against Abu Al-Hawa was first created in the Telegram instant messaging
   application, which has thousands of users. The person who administrated the
   group called on its members to send him anti-Arab messages, and he would
   publish them in his name. (*Yedioth*, p. 8 and Mako

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