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Re: query re places.sqlite

My bloviated meandering follows what Mark12547 graced us with on 4/5/2017 1:55 PM:
In article <mailman.1220.1491419307.10543.general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, ss91@xxxxx says...
I'm curious about the places.sqlite file that (I believe) stores the
bookmarks. Is there an optimum size beyond which it shouldn't be
allowed to grow? In other words, can it get bloated to the point of
causing problems such as excessive memory usage? I noticed that my
places.sqlite file is 215 megabytes. Is that abnormal or anything to
be concerned about?

My places.sqlite is far smaller, but then I had created new profiles and wiped out old profiles, so I don't have as large of a browser history (as many visited URLs) in my places.sqlite as someone who has kept the same profile over the years.

There is some routine maintenance (maybe monthly) one can run to compact the .sqlite databases.

I use CCleaner (the free version), which is designed for a number of different cleanup tasks, one of which is that it can compact Thunderbird, Firefox, and Chrome .sqlite databases. (The sqlite terminology is actually "vacuum".) The particular applications have to be closed for compacting the databases. CCleaner is available at http://www.piriform.com/ and the free version handles this just fine. (I use the free version.) Note: review both the "Windows" and "Applications" tabs before clicking on CCleaner's "Run Cleaner" button the first time to make sure you want it to clean all that it wants to do. For example, I want to keep my browser cookies and Internet History, so I have to uncheck those for the browsers I use.

If you want something more specific to .sqlite (no cleaning of the temp directory, browser cache, etc.), there is https://www.crystalidea.com/speedyfox which, again, require the appropriate applications to be shut down for it to work.

If you are concerned about the size of the places.sqlite file after running either CCleaner or SpeedyFox (use one or the other; you shouldn't need both), and you still want to reduce the size of the places.sqlite file, you may want to take a look at the extension "History Cleaner" for deleting old history (specified by number of days since visiting a specific URL). However, this extension apparently just deletes history entries, but the places.sqlite would still need to be compacted, such as by one of the two above utilities. As a nice plus, "History Cleaner" is a port to the new extensions API (WebExtensions) and is compatible with mutli-processing.

Generally, though, just an occasional compacting of the .sqlite databases and cleaning out the browser cache should be sufficient without using an extension to also expire out old browser history.

Be sure to read the follow-up posts that tell us just how wrong I am. :)

In addition to Mark's thorough advice, I had discovered that my places.sqlite db had grown to over 70MBs, even though I seldom add significant bookmarks anymore. I then did the following:

1. Exported bookmarks as an HTML file*
2. Closed Fx
3. Duplicated my entire profile just to be safe
4. Deleted my places.sqlite file
5. Reopened Fx
6. Imported the saved bookmarks.html file

They all returned and the places.sqlite file size had been reduced to 10MBs.

* Using backup & restore option doesn't compact the places.sqlite file

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