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Re: ALSA support for SeaMonkey

Stolen from gmane.comp.mozilla.seamonkey.user

Frank-Rainer Grahl:

>As you may have read Mozilla has discontinued ALSA support with Firefox 52. It 
>is no longer included by default. Pulseaudio is the only supported sound 
>server under Linux now. The SeaMonkey team has decided to enable ALSA for ESR 
>2.49 which corresponds to ESR 52.
>As a test if it still works ok it has been enabled in aurora (2.51) builds for 
>now. It would be great if someone can test if this still works as expected. If 
>pulseaudio is available it will be used. ALSA is the fallback. It is a stopgap 
>solution and ALSA will not be enabled for SeaMonkey beyond 2.51 (already 
>broken in tests sourcecode by Mozilla devs in 2.52 a week ago).

Alsa is still working fine for me.
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:55.0) Gecko/2017040405 SeaMonkey/2.52a1-h

I will avoid pulseaudio as long as possible. As a lost resort, on Gentoo
pulseaudio can be compiled with the flag alsa-plugin. Looks promising.

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