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Re: Firefox Is Getting a Massive Redesign, And This Is What It Looks Like

On 04/03/2017 11:12 PM, Ron Hunter wrote:
On 4/3/2017 5:52 PM, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what Caver1 graced us with on 4/3/2017
11:18 AM:
Maybe this is somewhat what we have to look forward to.


Looks pretty ol'skol to me. It's as though they've decided that
devolution is now the new black except instead of reverting to
eye-pleasing icons, they've decided to take flat design one worse and
simply go with stick design.

#nervous #I #am

It appears everything that I use to like about Mozilla browsers is now
history.  What was wrong with color, and form, and pleasant appearance?

When I can no longer get vertical bookmarks and vertical tabs I'll seriously consider switching to chrome, whose attempt at vertical tabs is laughable. Haven't the developers noticed that we all have WIDE screens now?

Is lynx still around?

Cheers, Bev
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  think of anything that's your own fault.
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