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Re: Firefox Is Getting a Massive Redesign, And This Is What It Looks Like

On 4/3/17 4:13 PM, Caver1 wrote:
On 04/03/2017 03:53 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 4/3/17 3:28 PM, S. McDuff wrote:
On 03-Apr-2017 2:18 PM, Caver1 wrote:
Maybe this is somewhat what we have to look forward to.


...and we will call it Chromefox. :-)

Did Chrome switch back to square tabs? I haven't been paying attention.

Chrome 57 has angled tabs, not round or square.

AFAIK Chrome always had angled tabs, not round or square, but I guess that is close enough for the Firefox is a Chrome clone crowd.

I am more concerned about the revocation of the not yet implemented privacy rules and the attack on Net Neutrality.


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