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Re: Firefox Is Getting a Massive Redesign, And This Is What It Looks Like

On 2017-04-03 14:30, Ron Hunter wrote:
On 4/3/2017 1:18 PM, Caver1 wrote:
Maybe this is somewhat what we have to look forward to.


I think this might be the last version of Firefox I will see.  No sense
hanging around any longer if they mess things up, again.
WHAT benefit will users get from this?  Is it faster?  Is it easier to
use?  How is it better?  From what I can see, they took minimalist, and
raised it to the ultimate in ugly, plain, uninteresting, and difficult
to use.

I'd like to know whether they've consulted ergonomics experts on this, and how much ergonomic testing they've done. Eg, tabs with rounded corners are easier to see/pick. A page full of most recently-visited page icons/previews is harder to navigate than a ribbon or list. Etc.

Overall, it looks like change for novelty's sake. Mustn't look unfashionable and out of it....


Wolf K.
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