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Re: Scotland

> Hartmut Figge wrote:

>> Gibraltar is not an island. ;)
> Technically speaking it isn't, but it strongly behaves as such.

Thousands of Spaniards are traveling/working every day in Gibraltar
without much ado. In the moment and at least for the next two years. But

Nevertheless, your remark could be right.

|while the EU, in their wisdom decided to give it to Spain.

>> Wrong.
> But lots of Brits see it that way.

No wonder. Murdoch & Co.

>And some utterly stupid Brits already have visions of Mayday and
>Malvinas 2.0.

If the UK crashes out of the EU into the WTO, there surely will be
problems with Argentina about the Falklands. It's obvious. But a
'Malvinas 2.0'? It's another millenium now. ;)

Was it wise to mention Gibraltar in the draft? I do not think so. But
then, I am no politician.

Why am I writing here so much? It has nothing to do with Mozilla and
there are other things, e.g. reading books. Will do that now.

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