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Re: Scotland

On 3/04/2017 3:06 AM, Good Guy wrote:
On 02/04/2017 15:35, Daniel wrote:
On 2/04/2017 8:52 PM, GérardJan wrote:
I hope that Scotland stays in Europa, not being part of /brexit/ !

And did I hear, last night, that Gibraltar, the British Island at the
western mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, also wants to stay in Europe!

Not quite.  Gibraltar wants to be part of the UK (99%) while the EU, in
their wisdom decided to give it to Spain.  They should should take
warnings from this article:


Apart from France, UK has nobody to worry in the EU.  They are all
useless nutters.

Ah!! O.K., so maybe I was concentrating on my driving ... as I should have been!!


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