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Re: Firefox got buggy after the last update

My bloviated meandering follows what João Ricardo graced us with on 3/30/2017 10:44 AM:
I have been having problems with Firefox recently after the last update, specially with socials like Facebook messager and cm5 Moveble Type. I was wondering wheter anyone else is facing the same buggies. Please help. I would never swap my browser for another one.

I've set this response to follow-up to the mozilla.support.firefox newsgroup. However, the first thing you might want to try is to enter "about:support" in the ULBbar and press Enter to get to the Troubleshooting Information page and then select the 'Restart with Add-ons Disabled..." button under the *Try Safe Mode* title on the far right. One there, see if the problem still exists on the social sites. If it doesn't then that is pointing to one (or maybe more) Add-ons that are causing the conflict. Note: once you exit and restart Firefox from Safe Mode, all of your disabled Add-ons will automatically be re-enabled.

Either way, you should respond back to that newsgroup as to the results of this testing.

Good luck

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