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Israel <-> Palestina conflict

**Two polls shared fascinating views of Israelis about their lives and the conflict. A poll by Maala-Globescan reported on in Maariv <http://peacenow.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=8dc4822ca41e3938eb4a03c73&id=da4c248105&e=f02de68997> revealed that in terms of improving their lifestyle, *only 12% of Israelis see solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict* as the top issue that will improve their lives. Some 43% believed that what harmed their lifestyle was the high cost of living and 33% believed that it was high wages and lack of employment security. According to the poll, only 5% of Israelis believed that the main problem Israel faces was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet, 36% saw security as the most important issue. Some 20% believed the socio-economic situation was the most important issue the country faced. *In light of the lack of importance the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is *perceived to have on Israelis and the lack of connection between the need for security and the need for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it comes as no surprise that only 36% of Israelis said <http://peacenow.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=8dc4822ca41e3938eb4a03c73&id=b6f15344ea&e=f02de68997> they would support a peace deal that included Israeli withdrawal from territory and a Palestinian state – compared to 60% in 2005, according to a poll commissioned by conservative think tank, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

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