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FF not responding

I neglected to mention, in my previous message (below), that often Firefox's consumption of memory rises to near 100%, and disk usage often reaches 100%, which slows everything to a standstill. I don't know if these problems are related to FF.


Greetings. Increasingly often I'm getting slow performance, accompanied by the message "Firefox not responding." And this is persisting after the latest upgrade to 52.0.1. I've googled up some ostensible solutions, but most of them suggest renaming the places.sqlite file to places.sqlite.OLD. My concern is that doing so might wipe out all the many bookmarks I have on the Bookmarks Toolbar. That would be catastrophic. I'm not actually sure what that file does, but I have the impression is that it stores all the bookmarks data. The tutorials I've seen don't explain HOW renaming that file accomplishes the objective.

1. Is that in fact the best way to fix this problem?
2. Would renaming that file wipe out my bookmarks data?


Sogn Mill-Scout
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