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On 3/23/17 2:22 PM, GérardJan wrote:

*APN's daily news review from Israel*
Thursday March 23, 2017
*Quote of the day:*
*"The man who is unable to read an intelligence document with more than nine paragraphs is not interested in the details, in the history, in the complexity and in the drives of the region’s people. His vision is to see towers rising on both sides of the Green Line, with water fountains and marble everywhere. That’s what he’s familiar with."* --Yedioth's Washington correspondent looks at what motivates US President Donald Trum <imap://gertjan%2Evinkesteijn%40gmail%2Ecom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:993/fetch%3EUID%3E/INBOX%3E27801#trump>p to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.*

**Why is Trump so obsessed with Israeli-Palestinian peace? *(Orly Azoulay, Yedioth/Ynet <http://peacenow.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=8dc4822ca41e3938eb4a03c73&id=9447bc3d2f&e=f02de68997>) The US president doesn’t really care about the Mideast conflict, he just needs a foreign policy achievement. He wants a grandiose deal and is approaching the issue with no sentiments whatsoever. Failure means a bleeding wound to his ego, and he won’t let that happen.


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