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Ad blitzing the consumer will not resolve the advertising patner's revenue issues. Conclusion:

...it increases more need for companies to advertise, increasing their overhead costs and escalates the looming collapse of the smaller companies... and their employed consumers.

Large companies are moving to more automation, self checkout and robotics because:
   costly government requirements and regulations that apply
   to an employee are eliminated.  That also eliminates

* the"employed consumer" (Robots are not consumers).
* the income tax and several other taxes the employed do pay,
* which harms the federal and state revenue, and
* increases entitlements cumulative costs.
* Some can float for a while on credit...
  which evolves to impacting other companies and people.

Government has to continue borrowing (and printing money) to delay the end of the proverbial chain-letter... for a while.

The crash is not sudden like in Hollywood movies!
Last Days vary by individual, but we all have it, companies and people. I'm not sure about 'ads'. and 'government'.

Hmm.... I think when all consumers have expired... the robots will still be advertising...


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