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Re: Chrome remains the undisputed champion in browser security.

My bloviated meandering follows what S. McDuff graced us with on 3/22/2017 9:55 AM:



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Firefox was back at this year's Pwn2Own after missing last year, seemingly because the browser would've been too easy to hack. Things have changed a little since then, though; Firefox has gained some partial sandboxing capabilities. Two hacking attempts were made against Mozilla's browser during the contest. Only one succeeded through an integer overflow in Firefox and an uninitialized buffer in the Windows kernel to elevate system privileges.

Firefox may become a bigger target at next year's Pwn2Own if researchers think it will make for some easy wins. However, the browser should also gain additional security features by then, so it remains to be seen if things will get as bad as it did for Edge this year.
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The above lacks coherence. On one hand, they excluded it last year since they deemed it too easy to hack and then in the last paragraph they completely contradict themselves by saying that they'll consider including it next year if they think it will consider including next year if they think it will make for some easy wins, i.e., the very reason they gave last year for excluding it.

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