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Re: Making America Polluted Again

On 3/21/2017, 1:31:12 PM, »Q« <boxcars@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Setting aside the your trolling them again above by calling them names,

Pointing out that someone is a moron is not trolling, if they are in
fact a moron, which Caver1 obviously is.

> how long do you think it will take you to stop *responding* to them?  I
> count eight (8) responses to them from you after your pronouncement
> that you wouldn't be 'wasting your time' any more, and it's only been a
> few hours.  Do we need to give you a few more days or weeks to wean
> yourself?

First, you can't lump them together, since I plonked them each separately.

Anyway, the reason is simple, I had those replies already open, and sent
some of the latter ones after the one where I said I would quit responding.

I multi-task. I have to, because I work for a living.

No big deal... all of my replies are gone. so there will be no more...
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