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Re: iCloud

On 3/21/2017, 10:20:25 AM, Wolf K. <wolfmac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2017-03-21 09:51, Disaster Master wrote:
>> Taking something from someone against their will, at gunpoint, is theft,
>> pure and simple. The fact that it is LEGALIZED theft engaged in by a
>> gang of thugs who got together, voted (without my knowledge, consent or
>> participation) and wrote something down on a piece of paper that says
>> they have the right to do it doesn't change the nature of the act.
> So you pick and choose from the Constitution to suit yourself.

Um... no?

> I suppose the 2nd Amendment meets with your approval and support, even 
> though it was written down by a bunch of thugs without your knowledge, 
> consent, or participation?

The 2nd amendment is a PROHIBITION on government power/authority.

The 16th amendment allegedly legalizes THEFT at GUNPOINT.

Please point out how they are even remotely similar in nature?
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