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On 03/20/2017 06:39 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
On 3/20/2017, 1:27:00 PM, Caver1 <caver1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 03/20/2017 01:04 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
Yep, just like it is a fact in my mind that you need air to breathe or
you will die, or that if you jump off a 500' cliff without a parachute
or some other mechanical means of preventing your death, you will die.
Not good analogies for this discussion.
Yes they are, you just are incapable of seeing it.

So then according to you all law is illegal or you are
arguing against guns.
WTF? What the hell does that even mean, and how does it follow from what
I wrote?
You stated that taxes are wrong because they are forced at
Good lord, I NEVER said that. You are such an idiot.

  then you state that all laws are enforced by gunpoint
No, this is what I've been saying all along, and you said 'prove it'.

I'm done (he said to silent sounds of cheering and calls for his head),
since you actually finally admit I am right below...

Are you on crack? I'm gonna tell your Momma!

You have to find her first. Being that she was scattered
that would be impossible.
If this is your way of saying she died, was cremated and her ashes
scattered, then you have my sincere apologies.

Sales tax is put in place by law. The worst thing that can
happen if you refuse to pay sales tax is you can't buy anything.
Sales Tax laws don't apply to people purchasing things, they apply to
the businesses collecting the taxes. And yes, if those businesses
collect those taxes but don't pass them on to the State, or they don't
collect the taxes they are supposed to be collecting, they will sooner
or later be visited by people with badges and guns.
No it is covered by law what will happen and people with
guns don't show up.
Rotflmao, ok, fine, start a business, refuse to collect the tax, and see
how long before people with guns show up.

Most are conscientious business people that follow the rule
placed on them by the courts. No guns involved.
Again, the guns only come out when the sheep refuse to cooperate (obey
the law).

There are a few that need the cops to straighten them out
and there are guns but the majority of times no guns are
even seen.
So, here you just admitted that I am right. Bye bye moron.
My mother taught me that there were also good fascists...
GérardJean Vinkesteijn-Rudersdorff


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