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On 3/20/2017, 1:03:17 PM, Caver1 <caver1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Where does it state that the gov't can/can't establish a 
> Corps of Engineers?

More nonsense. Where did I say anything about this?

> It states that the federal gov't shall have dominion over 
> navigable waterways.
> The Corps of Engineers was created to help in this but 
> nowhere in the Constitution does it state that the gov't can 
> create the Corps of Engineers.

No, but the law Congress passed creating said agency was in pursuance of
their delegated power.

Which is precisely what I said was necessary.

> The Constitution doesn't cover everything that might/not 
> happen.

Obviously. It is first and foremost what provides the framework for our
government - a Constitutional Republic.

It (mostly in the Amendments) is also a powerful list of things the
government can NOT do with respect to violations of our Rights to Life,
Liberty and Property (they should have left it like that instead of
changing it to the more esoteric 'pursuit of happiness' nonsense).

> It did give leeway to cover those happenings by the 
> amendment process and by giving the legislature the ability 
> to create laws.

Congress can enact laws in pursuance of their delegated powers, no
amendments necessary.

An amendment was necessary to outlaw alcohol at the federal level
because Congress was not delegated the power to outlaw alcohol in the
Constitution. This amendment then needed to be repealed before Alcohol
could be legalized (at the federal level) again.

Question for you to ponder... if that is true, why was an amendment not
needed to outlaw marijuana, cocaine, or other drugs?

> If the legislature can only create laws that 
> cover only what is specifically stated in the Constitution 
> then why have a legislature?

Because Article 1:8 is a general and broad delegation of powers. Like I
said, it is a framework.

Congress' then enacts laws in pursuance of their delegated powers.

It is simple, really, but alas for you, does require a modicum of brain
power to comprehend.
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