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Re: Making America Polluted Again

Caver1 decreed, Read These Runes!:
> On 03/20/2017 10:29 AM, Disaster Master wrote:
>> On Mon Mar 20 2017 10:01:37 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Caver1
>> <caver1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> On 03/20/2017 08:00 AM, Rinaldi wrote:
>>>> Easy.  He backed down when that WA state judge put a hold on his
>>>> immigration ban.
>>> No he didn't. He put forth a new executive order to bypass
>>> the courts, he hoped, to accomplish the same thing. With
>>> this new order he vowed to fight.
>> No, he issued a new EO to try to eliminate the points in the first one
>> that caused the problems.
> And you call that backing down?
>> The fact is, he is WELL within the bounds of both Presidential and
>> Statutary power to issue BOTH of these orders.
> I never said he was right or wrong. The Courts also have the right to
> question and stop certain... illegalities.
>> What he should do is immediately push Congress to have these political
>> activist judges IMPEACHED and possibly even charged with violation of
>> their oaths of office and/or breech of Trust.
> So then you don't believe in the separation of power?
>> Then push Congress to have these kinds of powers REMOVED from potential
>> Judicial Review.
> In other words the president has all power with nobody able to question it.

The president has statutory power in this instance.

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