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On 2017-03-19 14:00, Disaster Master wrote:

I wrote:
As for red tape: all large organisations are bureaucracies,
Not really, but many/most devolve into a bureaucracy.

I don't know of any large organisation which is not a bureaucracy. Kindly name one.

for a very good reason.
And what reason is that?

Human nature. When an organisation becomes so large that any given person in it no longer knows everyone in it at least by sight, then it is too large. That's around 500-1,000 people, because on average humans can know about 1,500 people in total. To get around that limitation, the enterprise is organised into smaller units, which must of course communicate with each other as well as within themselves. Result: a bureaucracy.

You may note that the above analysis does not associate a value-judgment with "bureaucracy", but uses the term simply as a label for the structure of the organisation. My experience/observation suggests that very large organisations spend more resources on information/communication than on production.


BTW, Peter Drucker discussed these and related matters in many of his essays and books.

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