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Re: Mozilla Fire Fox Version 52.0 ESR Edtion

Did not work the problem is not the fonts in the browers it self ie web 
pages its the menu font like bookmarks file ect and the fonts on the 
bookmarks tool bar ect.

"EE" <nunya@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Andy wrote:
>> I had installed the new version of fire fox and did not like it as the
>> font's for the menu bar and book marks bar were not as sharp and clear as
>> the old verison 51. whatever it was:)
>> Does any one know how to get the new version to display the fonts for 
>> those
>> items sharp and clear again?
>> thanks
> In about:config, use "gfx.use_text_smoothing_setting" set to true.  That 
> should improve the appearance of fonts.

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