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Wolf K. decreed, Read These Runes!:
> On 2017-03-17 09:01, Disaster Master wrote:
>> On Thu Mar 16 2017 16:59:43 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Gérard
>> <gertjan.vinkesteijn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Funny, I am not poor eithe/r. I have a pension of €11,20 per month,
>>> the rest of
>>> my €2600 per month rent is payed by the dutch government...
>> Minor little correction: the rest of your rent is paid for by your
>> neighbors, friends and others you don't know, who had that money taken
>> from them at gunpoint.
> Yup, the Dutch Police have a special unit that goes from house to house
> and collects the taxes while waving machine guns around.

Perhaps in your rush to hyperbole you ignore that all laws are
ultimately enforceable by a guy with a gun.

 There are
> regular news reports about recalcitrant taxpayers' homes being shot up,
> with the occasional repeat offender's property benefiting from the
> squad's free demolition services. Great place to live, Holland.
> Have a good day,

Every day without Hillary ;-)

Hartley's Second Law:
	Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself.

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