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Re: iCloud

On 03/17/2017 02:04 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
On Fri Mar 17 2017 12:57:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Caver1
<caver1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You always state that you know the truth that most of us
don't know.

Not really... I just know that it ain't generally what they say it is.

I don't know WHO killed Kennedy, I just know it wasn't LHO, and that it
was operatives of the deep state.

You sound just like Trump. Making false statements and then stand by them.

As I stated previously, just because you think you are a
free thinker doesn't make you right.

And just because you say that doesn't mean I'm not.

You / think / that your views are real and everyone else's
are false.

No, I only know that those who think they live in a free and open
society and that there is no deep state secret cabal that is controlling
our governments policies and actions generally either haven't been
presented with their opportunity to take the red pill yet, or they took
the blue pill when offered, and stuck their head back in the sand.

So, which are you?

Big business controls the gov't. They all want their own agenda so there is no over all cabal.

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