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Re: Making America Polluted Again

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> Sorry, hit ctrl+enter accidentally...
> On Fri Mar 17 2017 09:32:35 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), »Q«
> <boxcars@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > The Trumpists have lately started to use the phrase to mean
> > something it hasn't before, as you have done in this thread.  
> Methinks you are confused. I didn't vote for him, and dislike a bit of
> what he is doing 

I didn't mean that you were a Trumpist, only that they've lately been
misusing the term in a way it hasn't been misused before, the way you
were misusing it earlier in the thread.

> > It's amazing how quickly and unthinkingly they've adopted it after
> > a few Trump surrogates started tossing it around.  
> I adopted it because its actually a very appropriate term.

From your subsequent postings about it, I believe you do know what it
means and were just being very imprecise when you said "'civil
servants' are also known as the 'deep state'". 

> > Sad little sheep indeed.  
> Nice, how unthinkingly you adopted my little gem... ;)

Conspiracy nuts have been condescendingly calling the people who don't
believe them 'sheep' for a long time, but it's cute that you think it's
*your* 'little gem' being turned around on you and that I did that
unthinkingly.  At least you're smiling and winking -- a lot of kooks
become upset when it's pointed out that they are the blind followers.

BTW, you hit 'send' too early on your post mentioning Agenda 21.  Could
you continue your thoughts on it?  Or on something else, perhaps the
Bilderbergers or the Masons?

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