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Re: Profiles

Frosted Flake wrote:
There are profiles for both Seamonkey and Firefox (one each) on my wife's old machine. She is getting a new machine and I have installed both Seamonkey and Firefox on that new machine (there are new profile folders on that new machine).

For Seamonkey, Firefox and Thunderbird, it's not difficult to move a profile to a new machine. For a Windows user, historically, using MozBackup is a good tool to make it go fast (and you don't have to go rooting around in the depths of files buried deep in the Windows profile, in folders that are normally hidden), although that one is no longer supported, and the writer indicates that there's newer developments that the last iteration of MozBackup doesn't account for. It may be that that's less of an issue for Thunderbird and Seamonkey, but probably better not to go there.

To start, you need to know the location of each profile. For firefox, that %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<salt>.default\* (where <salt> is a random 8-character alphanumeric string) and for Seamonkey, %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Seamonkey\Profiles\<salt>.default\*. Use of the %APPDATA% environment variable allows you to always find the location, regardless of what version of Windows you're using, what your Windows user name is, and any issues of whether the AppData folder is hidden, or not.

Assuming that you don't have a LAN connection, copy each of the profile folders to movable storage.

Then, on the new machine:

1) Open Firefox or Seamonkey. When you get to the initial configuration wizard, cancel, and shut down. The configuration wizard will create the necessary profile (<salt>.default), although the contents of <salt> are randomized, and will be different than they were on the old machine.

2) For each profile, copy the *contents* of the folder on the movable drive into %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<salt>.default\ (for Firefox). Repeat the process for each Firefox and Seamonkey profile that you want to move.

For this kind of thing, I know that there's some that insist that it's necessary to use the same profile folder (by name), but in order to do that, that requires extra steps of editing your profiles.ini folder, to make sure that the content there matches the folder name used by the profile on the old machine.

I've found that that's not really necessary. As long as the profile manager has created the profile, the name of the folder doesn't really matter, just that you get the contents of the old folder into the new folder.

After you've copied your profiles, then you'll want to start up Firefox and Seamonkey and make sure that everything is working correctly.

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