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Re: Making America Polluted Again

Sorry, hit ctrl+enter accidentally...

On Fri Mar 17 2017 09:32:35 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), »Q«
<boxcars@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> The Trumpists have lately started to use the phrase to mean something it
> hasn't before, as you have done in this thread.

Methinks you are confused. I didn't vote for him, and dislike a bit of
what he is doing - the wall, this stupid health care 'replacement' plan,
Sessions as AG who is pro drug war, etc etc.

> It's amazing how quickly and unthinkingly they've adopted it after a few Trump
> surrogates started tossing it around.

I adopted it because its actually a very appropriate term.

> Sad little sheep indeed.

Nice, how unthinkingly you adopted my little gem... ;)
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