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Re: Mozilla Statement on CIA / Wikileaks

On 17/03/2017 12:43 AM, Disaster Master wrote:
On Thu Mar 16 2017 09:32:29 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Daniel
<daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
When I booted up this evening, it applied almost 6,000 updates to the
Registry and re-booted!

Not sure what you mean by that, unless you are talking about a situation
that can happen where the system update in interrupted (power failure to
other), and when it boots back up, it goes through all of the changes on
a weird/different screen.

As I typed, I was switching off (i.e. shutting down) my computer, as I normally do each night. On the way to switching off, it displayed a screen stating it was applying updates and that I should not switch off. When it had applied the updates, it continued with the shutdown procedure.

When I started up my computer (i.e. when I switched it on) today, flashed up a screen stating it was applying the almost 6,000 updates to the Registry. When it finished applying the updates to the Registry, my computer re-booted and started up Win7!


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