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Re: Making America Polluted Again

On Thu Mar 16 2017 21:56:35 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Alex Vie
<silvercircle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Under the assumption that *knowledge is power*, it should be clear that 
> your various "agencies" (particularly the 2 big ones) are indeed very 
> powerful and have a lot of control over things they shouldn't even touch 
> in the first place, but calling it a _deep state_ that controls 
> everything without providing clear evidence for that claim is what 
> conspiracy theorists normally do.

And calling for 'clear evidence' of something that is virtually
impossible to provide evidence for is something that people who are
terrified to pull their head out of the sand usually do.

But interestingly enough, the evidence is their for those who have the
will to find it and the courage to recognize it when they see it. Agenda
21 calls for the 'reduction of the earths population by

It is hard. I'm not saying that lightly. It took me a year or more
before I really accepted the fact that my government wasn't my
government, and that everything I thought I knew about it, our history,
etc, was a lie.
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