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Re: Profiles

WaltS48 wrote:
On 3/16/17 8:24 PM, Frosted Flake wrote:
There are profiles for both Seamonkey and Firefox (one each) on my
wife's old machine.
She is getting a new machine and I have installed both Seamonkey and
Firefox on that new machine (there are new profile folders on that new
1) I want to have the profiles located in a different place on that
new machine.  How do I get them to go to, or move them to, a different

So you started both SeaMonkey and Firefox which created new profiles for
each without any information?
Yes. Neither has anything of any importance except for a few settings which are easily recreated.

You could create new profiles. I always use the default location.
I really want them on a different drive with all the rest of her personal stuff.

For Firefox

For SeaMonkey <http://www.seamonkey-project.org/doc/profiles>

2) After the profiles on the new machine are moved, I propose to copy
her existing profiles from the old machine to the new, moved ones.
Will that work?

It should. Make backups in case that doesn't work.

3) Anything to be aware of that might blow things up?

Make backups.

In the Seamonkey profile, she has many emails that she want to keep,
anything to worry about there?

Probably not. Make backups.

I have backups of the old profiles.


Frosted Flake
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