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Re: Making America Polluted Again

On 3/16/2017 8:04 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 3/16/17 8:30 AM, Mayayana wrote:
"WaltS48" <thalionusa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

|> "We're going to work on the CAFE standards so you can make cars in
| > America again," Trump said. "We're gonna help the companies and
| > they're gonna help you."
| I didn't know they prevented manufacturers from making cars in America.

   Perhaps the worst thing about Trump is that
his arrival has made many liberals as batty as
seething right-wingers. Can't you spam in a
political group where people want to discuss it?

Nah, I like to make sure Ron is still around.


You know the old saying that if both side don't like you, you are doing something right? Well Trump must be doing something right, because both parties, AND the media, don't like him, and for ONE SIMPLE REASON. He owes THEM nothing. He isn't under they control. And when he has something say, he takes it directly to the people through social media. Now let's see if he has the staying power to actually get the job done. It's a BIG swamp that needs to drained, and the gators ain't gonna like it!

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