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Re: Mozilla Statement on CIA / Wikileaks

My bloviated meandering follows what WaltS48 graced us with on 3/8/2017 7:41 AM:
//A couple of quotes from <https://blog.mozilla.org/netpolicy/2017/03/07/mozilla-statement-on-cia-wikileaks/>
If the information released in today’s reports are accurate, then it proves the CIA is undermining the security of the internet – and so is Wikileaks.

Once governments become aware of a security vulnerability, they have a responsibility to consider how and when (not whether) to disclose the vulnerability to the affected company so they can fix the problem and protect users.

REF: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/microsoft-march-patch-tuesday-rollout,33906.html

[excerpt quote=\"
Microsoft has remained silent on why it chose to delay the February update in the first place.
\" /]

Early notification regarding WikiLeaks Microsoft vulns?

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