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My bloviated meandering follows what The Real Bev graced us with on 3/15/2017 8:44 PM:

Taxes are no fun but here's hoping your trips will be eventful.

I got it all printed and wrote the checks and stuffed the envelopes and then discovered another 1099 :-( It took a couple of hours just to do that, which seems insane.

I'm really bummed with HRBlock's software. It just does stuff in stupid ways. Like trying to get my quarterly payments for the feds to actually print MY name and SS along with the amount I wanted. One attempt resulted in no info at all. Other stupid stuff.

I wonder why they don't hand it to a friend to test -- someone who does this shit once a year and does her best to forget about it the rest of the time. Isn't something like that what QA is supposed to do? I used to be a QA person. I LOVE finding problems for other people to solve!

It's cheaper than TT, though, and TT was clunky in different ways -- the worst lying to me about successfully e-submitting my forms. It looked funny, and I was down to the wire, so I sent in paper anyway. Last time I used TT. Maybe it's worse now, along with being more expensive.

I continue to use TT and its ergonomics continue angst me each year. Also, they're no better than HRBlock when it comes to printing Est. Tax Vouchers. I end up get blanks ones online, scanning them into a graphics program, graphically adding the wanted text information with it and then printing the vouchers afterward. A PITA, yes, but what's an OCD person to do?

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