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Re: iCloud

My bloviated meandering follows what The Real Bev graced us with on 3/8/2017 3:38 PM:
On 03/08/2017 11:13 AM, Sailfish wrote:

Maybe using VirtualBox and creating a virgin Win7 VM and installing
iCloud for Windows on it?

I'll think about that. I deleted my OLD VB, freeing up a lot of space, and maybe I could put it on its own partition so I wouldn't have to worry about the space it occupies. I hate having backups take many hours.

Something else to consider would be to purchase a portable external harddrive, e.g., http://tinyurl.com/h3fsuxz and install VB on it along with the Win7 VM. These offer minimally 1TB storage for less than $50 and are quite fast if you have a USB3 port to plug it into. The other big benefit is that they don't require a separate power supply in that they use the USB port power as their source.

Additionally, if you don't have a Win7 installation licensed DVD you can pick one up one the cheap, e.g., http://tinyurl.com/gvq8ce4 and can confirm that the installation key is valid since the one I purchased worked without a hitch when I registered it.


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