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Re: Verizon migration to AOL (Problems)

On 3/11/17 7:44 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 3/10/17 4:57 PM, JoeS wrote:
I don't like this at all, but it is what it is
Giant corporations like this can set there own rules

Problems encountered with the switch:

Prior to the migration the  _USER_ field did not need
to be the complete Email address to work for Verizon
It does after the switch

This might be because I was using an Alias in verizon mail

But in case anyone is having trouble Verizon>>Verizon/AOL
Check that user name in server setting and SMTP

Thought I might save some "head scratching" out there.


That might be because of the Alias. I didn't need to change anything in my Server setting or SMTP.

I have had an AOL account for years and never received any mail from them.

Now that I have migrated, I'm getting notices about AOL Mail on the AOL App, Customize your AOL Mail and who knows what else they will send to my Verizon account.😞

Be careful of the AOL spam filter. It has eaten a few mails that I wanted to see

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