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Re: Ping: Mike Easter (probably OT here)

On 09/03/2017 11:14, David B. wrote:
On 08/03/2017 18:45, Good Guy wrote:
On 08/03/2017 16:48, Mike Easter wrote:

Alternatively; sometimes a/your email address may be
'attacked'/harassed by an adversary who 'goes around' dropping your
email at 'free4all' sites which are notorious for 'mailing lists'
which are built improperly from non-verified addresses causing you to
get tons of junk and spam and it is difficult to get 'de-listed'

It is "impossible" to get removed from such lists once you are in.  The
list is sold in the dark web for peanuts and millions of people are
actually buying them.  Indian call centers are another source of such
lists where you can buy a DVD for $5.00.  As you may know, all companies
that you may know of have sub-contracted their IT work to India without
any safe guards as far as I can see except that they can make more money
by using the services of Indian companies.  No wonder all the top
companies now have Indian as their head.

Interesting comment, 'Good Guy'. Thanks. :-)

Are you aware of THIS facility?

SSL Server Security Test   https://www.htbridge.com/ssl/

I got an unexpected result when I 'tested' the 'professional' web
provider's site:-  http://mduffy.x10host.com/index.htm


I'd not anticipated a big red 'F'!

Just in case that link no longer shows the big red 'F'!


Perhaps I shouldn't be concerned when I read things such as this:-

"The server does not have SSL/TLS encryption on port 443. Data exchange
with end-users can be intercepted."

My friend tells me that at Port 443/tcp is open and provides an https service.

Isn't it somewhat unusual for there to be no encryption?

Just wondering!


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