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Re: Ping: Mike Easter (probably OT here)

David B. wrote:

Are you aware of THIS facility?

SSL Server Security Test

You don't know what you are talking about/doing.

I got an unexpected result when I 'tested' the 'professional' web
provider's site:-

Mike Duffy is NOT a professional web provider; he is ('just') a usenet personality who has what looks to me like a free x10host provided website, which is http not https.

It is not appropriate to be SSL testing a non-https (http) site.

I'd not anticipated a big red 'F'!

You should not have been using the wrong tool inappropriately -- again.

If you search appropriately you can find conversations from x10hosting guiding their users into what they should do if they want SSL/https for their site.

You have a penchant for 'attacking' sites with wrong tools you don't understand and then you get whacky results and seek interaction in all the wrong places in your attempt to resolve those results.

Mike Easter
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