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Re: Ping: Mike Easter (probably OT here)

David B. cited:
"Web-based malware is the new bane of the Internet. Malware developers
have focused on using websites to distribute millions of copies of
viruses, Trojans and other malicious computer programs. This modern
modus operandi banks on the fact that a website’s security is weak and
can be easily compromised. In this article we want to raise awareness
about how malware developers are hiding their malicious code to prevent
detection by website administrators and other software."

I agree with 'all' that.


Those facts don't support your approach and activities which resulted from your visiting Mike Duffy's site. I'm also doubtful you were honest in your communication which initiated the exchange which precipitated what followed which confused you.


I would consider all this off-topic even for this group which is pretty much 'free-style'. The reason I think it is OT is because I think that no one other than you 'cares'/ is interested/ in what is going on in your head about all this.

Mike Easter
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