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Re: Ping: Mike Easter (probably OT here)

On 08/03/2017 20:09, Mike Easter wrote:
David B. wrote:
What I didn't (and still don't!) understand is how/why THIS organization
is involved:-


Any thoughts?

Back up a little bit.

 - Y/N you DID create the message attributed to you?
 - where/how did you place that message?

"I'm somewhat naive..."

YES - I *did* send a message to x10 hosting via THIS web page https://x10hosting.com/contact-us/report-abuse#

This may be helpful:-

Michael replied
Mar 8, 1:12pm

We provide free web hosting to users to try our services and setup a successful website. With our free hosting plan you are required to log into your account every 30 days to keep the account active and there are other limitations such as the number of domains you can have and email addresses you can setup. Once your small website grows and you need additional resources and account options you can upgrade to our premium service at x10premium.com. This is how we make our money, from users that chose to upgrade to our paid service. The majority of our premium members come from our free service. That is how we are able to offer the free hosting service.

Michael Hinkle

David Brooks replied
Mar 8, 11:02am

I'm somewhat naive about the ins and outs of setting up a web site. Please will you explain how you are able to provide your service free of charge?

I came across your organisation by going here http://mduffy.x10host.com/index.htm


David B.
Devon, UK
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