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Re: Mozilla Statement on CIA / Wikileaks

My bloviated meandering follows what WaltS48 graced us with on 3/8/2017 7:41 AM:
//A couple of quotes from <https://blog.mozilla.org/netpolicy/2017/03/07/mozilla-statement-on-cia-wikileaks/>
Once governments become aware of a security vulnerability, they have a responsibility to consider how and when (not whether) to disclose the vulnerability to the affected company so they can fix the problem and protect users.

REF: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_WIKILEAKS_CIA?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2017-03-08-15-31-08
Itsy link: http://tinyurl.com/z2bp6kt

[excerpt quote=\"
If that sharing should take place, the unusual cooperation would give companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and others an opportunity to identify and repair any flaws in their software and devices that were being exploited by U.S. spy agencies and some foreign allies, as described in nearly 9,000 pages of secret CIA files WikiLeaks published on Tuesday.
\" /]

The best we can hope for is that Mozilla is an "and others" company.

le sigh

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