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Re: Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Disaster Master wrote:
Did you miss the fact that this dump contains the actual tools themselves???

This is a little more than just an 'fyi'...

Disclaimer: I haven't read any analyses by security people, just a NYT article on the wikileaks release so far

The dump is documents including lists of tools and methods, not tools.

IMO so far, this (transparency) exposure of vulnerabilities which can be exploited and the tools to do so by black or not-so-black hats is 'positive' from a pure security perspective.

It behooves anyone from the CIA down to the ordinary individual to be aware of security vulnerabilities. One NYT citation believed that wikileaks was more likely provided the hacked docs from such as a foreign power Russia than from such as a 'conscience-stricken CIA whistle-blower'.

Mike Easter
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