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Re: What are the fastest Mozilla's Gecko-based web browsers for very old machines?

My bloviated meandering follows what Ant graced us with on 3/7/2017 6:47 PM:
I recently installed Debian Jessie/stable PowerPC for a very old 2002 15" Titanium PowerBook G4 with 512 MB of RAM. It came with Firefox v45.7 ESR, but it is very slow.

I wonder if there are faster Gecko-based web browsers. If they do exist, then they need to still work with my 20 MB places.sqlite file from and with my faster computers' (new/lat)est SeaMonkey and Firefox versions (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux/Debian). Same for plugins (e.g., Flash) and extensions (uBlock Origin). I am sure other OSes are the same too on old machines.

Not sure what the cause was but I had been using both Fx28 and Fx{Current} (FxC) from time to time (long story) and had been able to copy my FxC places.sqlite to my Fx28 without a problem (mine is also 20MB.) For some unknown reason, that stopped working a few releases back, i.e., the bookmarks didn't show up in Fx28 anymore. My best guess is that somewhere along the way Mozilla changed the places.sqlite format.


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