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»Q« wrote:
Mike Easter wrote:

Shackleton. The most important Shackleford I know was a horse. Is
a horse.

Heh, I wish I'd seen this before I sent a post a few seconds ago
about this Shackle-person. The only Shackleford I know of was a
basketball player involved in a point-shaving scandal at N.C. State
maybe 30 years ago. I saw recently that he died earlier this year.

The horse shackleford was a big time money winning Preakness winner in 2011; first he led some in the Derby but faded in the stretch, started at juicy odds and then won lotsa money for the bettors and the purse for the Preakness, wp sez "Bets on Shackleford paid $27.20, $10.20 and $6.80.[4] With that win, Shackleford became the beneficiary of the largest payoff purse in Preakness history. He won $600,000 for coming in first in the Preakness and $550,000 as the XpressBet Bonus winner for a total payout of $1,150,000.[3][13]"

Then the last sloppy Belmont race of the Triple he led for a good while then faded way back.

The wp article has some stuff about 'combined' triple performance scores that I didn't know or care much about. Also strong pedigree.

The horse is still alive at stud.

Mike Easter
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