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> On 03/07/2017 11:37 AM, Mike Easter wrote:
> > Mike Easter wrote:
> >  
> >> http://discerninghistory.com/2013/05/shackletons-ad-men-wanted-for-hazerdous-journey/
> >>
> >> The article talks about the great fame of the article/ad and has a
> >> artist's 'rendering' but the 'genuine' ad itself doesn't seem to
> >> be in anyone's hands.  
> >
> > The above article refers to a different article (and award offer);
> > that article is mostly/also fruitless except for one letter near
> > the end which makes an 'unsubstantiated' (and doubtful to me) claim.
> >
> > See Pete Leavers email at
> > http://www.antarctic-circle.org/advert.htm  
> I WANT it to be real!  SOMEWHERE there's a copy of the newspaper or 
> flyer, I just know it....  Somebody said it couldn't be true, there
> was no way to reach Shackleton.  I would think that anyone who might
> qualify for the expedition would be able to figure out how to do it.

He was reachable by at least Churchill.  Just a few days before the
expedition was to leave, WWI got going, so Shackleford cabled to offer
his ship and crew to the naval effort.  Churchill cabled back with one
word, 'Proceed'.  If you can get your hands on the original of that
telegram, it should be worth something.  (I know pretty much nothing
about Shackleford, but by strange coincidence, yesterday I heard the
'Proceed' story mentioned in passing in a BBC-produced thing on the
beginnings of the war.) 
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