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Re: News-server difficulty

On 07/03/2017 18:13, Mike Easter wrote:
David B wrote:
Mike Easter wrote:
David B. wrote:
766 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory


What does my header now tell you, Mike?!!

Only that you are linux Tb; nothing about your ram.

I didn't look carefully, but I had, perhaps, hoped that it would tell you that, because of the extra RAM, I decided to load Linux Mint 'Cinnamon' - 18.1 - and it is now 'up and running'!

You could happily run many linux on the original ram, but lots would
like more.

Understood - but it was fun obtaining and installing the extra RAM ! :-)

Job done - and working. :-)


Mem~432.6/2013.5MB   That probably means more to you than to me!

The 2013.5 total is your new 2G ram; the 432.6 is how much you were
using when you ran inxi, less than half a gig.  Some linux DEs/ desktop
environments/ don't need half as much as that just to get to the
desktop.  Or even less than a quarter if it is just a light window manager.

That seems a bit strange as I supposedly had a 512Mb and a 256Mb stick installed. Well - that's exactly what I have removed!!! ;-)

Once again, thanks for your assistance, Mike.

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