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Re: Hello!

On 06/03/2017 14:01, WaltS48 wrote:
On 03/06/2017 08:36 AM, David B wrote:

New user here. Is this a 'moderated' group?

Is there any 'listing' of the subject matter which is welcomed here?

Can someone explain, please, why Thunderbird is no longer being
supported by the Mozilla Foundation?



Not moderated, but proper forum etiquette should be followed. IMHO.


As for subject matter mozilla.general is;

For everything with no forum of its own: discussion about any and all
aspects of all the things that we're doing here at mozilla.org (high
traffic; often off-topic).

Thunderbird is still supported by the Mozilla Foundation for now. From a
early blog post;

The time has come when it is no longer effective for Thunderbird and
Firefox to keep sharing the same technical infrastructure. Firefox and
Thunderbird have diverging needs. Firefox needs to move at the speed
of the Web, and needs to bring the things we love about the Web into
the world of mobile, social, data and the cloud.
REF: <https://blog.lizardwrangler.com/2015/12/03/thunderbird-update/>

I'm sure there is some more current information, but I can't find it at
this time.

From the 'Front Page':-


Why we need donations

You might already know that Thunderbird improvements are no longer paid for by Mozilla. Fortunately there is an active community keeping it running and developing it further. But to survive long term, the project needs funding.

Thunderbird is currently transitioning to an independent organization. Being independent, we can shape our own fate, but there is significant infrastructure that must be maintained to deliver the application to our tens of millions of users. For Thunderbird to survive and continue to evolve, we need your support and ask for your donation today. All the money donated will go directly to funding Thunderbird development and infrastructure.

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