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Re: SM reported as Chrome?

On 3/2/2017 7:38 PM, Daniel wrote:
On 3/03/2017 11:01 AM, Mr. Ed wrote:
On 03/02/17 2:19 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
On 3/2/2017 11:09 AM, David E. Ross wrote:
On 3/2/2017 10:31 AM, Mr. Ed wrote:
On 03/02/17 12:39 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
On 3/2/2017 3:43 AM, Mr. Ed wrote:
Interesting - Running speed tests on www.dslreports.com they have my
browser listed as:

Device / OS 	desktop / Windows Win10
Browser 	Android Chrome version: 54.0.2840.85

Where (or how) does DSLReports show what browser you are using?

Go down left side select "Speed Tests".
Select connection type and run tests.
After test is done select "Results"  and scroll down.

Just did it again and this time I get:

Device / OS 	desktop / Windows Win10
Browser 	Firefox version: 51.0

Interesting since my User Agent shows neither Chrome not Firefox.  It is:
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:51.0) Gecko/20100101 SeaMonkey/2.48

I think they need a better 'sniffer'.

Hmmm!  It correctly got my system (desktop, Windows 7) on all tests.  On
the first test, it said I am using Safari 10.0.3.  On a rerun, it then
said I am using Chrome 56.0.2924.87.  Another rerun after disabiling my
Secret Agent extension, it then said I am using Android Chrome
58.0.3026.5.  (Is there a desktop version of Android Chrome?)

All this makes me doubt the accuracy of the DSLReports tools.

Running SeaMonkey 2.46 in Safe Mode (something I forget to mention in my
prior message), it said I am using Mobile Safari 9.0.

You're right.  Makes all the other information suspect

Has anybody bothered to tell dslreports.com?? I don't know if they
invite feedback.

I'm a 16 year member of dslreports and I've been using the new speed test since it was in beta a couple of years ago. Justin (the site owner) will appreciate any feedback on problems like what have been reported here. Dslreports is one of the few sites where you can post anon so go to this very long (36 pages, 1776 replies thread begun two years ago) and add your feedback about your problems (everyone in this thread should).

(The site defaults to https but I use the Proxomitron which doesn't work on secure sites so my link is to the non-secure page but it will automatically default for you as secure). Some members (I am one) have found that the NON secure test page works better for them in terms of the speed reported.

SeaMonkey 2.46 gives me the highest score there of all my browsers. GO SEA MONKEY GO! (I also use Fx 45.7 ESR, Vivaldi 1.7.735.46, and Pale Moon 26.5). SeaMonkey is identified by the test as Fx 49. Vivaldi is identified as current Chrome. Fx is identified as Fx 45. Pale Moon is identified as Pale Moon 26.5. I am running on a Windows 8 desktop and the test correctly identifies this on all browsers. Pale Moon does ok on the download portion of the test but very poorly on upload test because it only uses ONE STREAM and Moonchild has said using multiple streams (I have set the test to 24 download streams and 20 up based on my speed from my ISP) is silly and he refused to fix the problem. The test does do best on the latest browser versions (at least on Windows) which is probably why SeaMonkey scores better than Fx 45 ESR.

These FAQ http://www.dslreports.com/faq/toolquestion/2_Speed_Test#17930

address many of the problems some have with the test but I don't see anything about the test detecting the wrong browser. (Maybe I do well on the test because I have an SSD for mu C drive which has a much faster write speed than my data drive with its spinning disk). I do recall about a year ago, when the test was detecting some of my browsers incorrectly (no problems with correct detection of my version of Windows) and I reported those in the thread and it got fixed.

Did you all just use defaults for the test? You can go in and set your choices for how many streams up and down, whether or not to test for or ignore buffer bloat, etc. With the caveat that I haven't been following the thread recently (have not read it since last September), I am puzzled as to why someone on Windows 7 , for instance, would get such strange results as to their browser. Possibly, you are running software that is interfering. Justin lists some of it. I have to bypass the Proxomitron to do the test as otherwise "alien script" is detected and it won't test. There are a set of FAQ for the test as well as the humungous thread but post in the thread. I have Secret Agent on Pale Moon and I do disable it if I test with Pale Moon (but Pale Moon is backward when it comes to HTML5 tests -it also does poorly on Source Forge's HTML5 speed test - so I don't use it to test with unless it is a Flash test.

If you join Dslreports, the site will save all your speed tests infinitely and you will have charts, etc for use in looking at past tests, times taken, etc. Plus, whatever choices you make to how you want the test to run will be remembered by the site if you are a member and it is free to join. I have used just about every speed test available since I got broadband in June 2001. This one is not perfect, but I consider it to the best currently.

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